5 Hen Do Ideas for Marbella 2017

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Marbella Hen Do Original Ideas

Hens tasked with organising an unforgettable  weekend in Marbella for the bride-to-be have their work cut out. While they will know exactly what the bride would want out of a hen party, there should still be an aura of mystery surrounding the big event.

If you’re looking for Marbella Hen Do Original Ideas that will keep the bride guessing right up until the last moment, here are five different ideas from hen party specialist Cheeky Butler Marbella Banus

  1. Paddle boarding in Marbella

This sport activity is perfect for a perfect hen do afternoon in the beautiful Marbella Beaches kissed by the mediterranean seas, but you can still delight the hens by taking them paddle boarding; an experience that will, quite literally, cause a splash. This activity will call for composure, balance and co-ordination as you and your friends will have a blast trying to become master paddle boarders. You’ll receive training from a water sports instructor to learn the techniques and safety procedures before being let loose on the open water, under their supervision. Compete to see who is a natural paddler and who is a washout as you create hilarious memories that will make for great stories.

  1. Choose you favourite music and enjoy a dance class in Marbella

In the immortal words of Beyoncé, ‘If you like it then you should have put a ring on it’ – well now you have the ring, you should learn to dance like Bey herself. Take part in a dance class where you’ll learn to channel the confidence, poise and attitude that is ever-present in Beyoncé’s music videos. Nail the routine for one of your favourite Beyoncé anthems with your friends to break out at parties, or even the wedding if you’re feeling extra confident, and make everyone fall Crazy in Love with you.

  1. Perfume making

If your group of hens is looking for a sophisticated activity with a bespoke twist, s a fantastic activity that everyone will enjoy. Each member of the group will sample gorgeous perfume blends and create a unique bottle of perfume reflecting their personal style. Even the fussiest of bride-to-bes will love selecting scents that define each girl in the group. Plus, the lovely bottles of perfume you take home are a great lasting memory of your time with the girls.

  1. Flower arranging class

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, taking a flower arranging class could be the answer. Learn how to create hand-tied floral arrangements, buttonholes and stunning centrepieces in preparation for the big day. These skills could come in handy when it comes to decorating the wedding venue. Floristry is a skill that you can really brag about, so afterwards you can show off your knowledge about flower types, design techniques and practical methods by creating unique presents and keepsakes for your friends.

  1. Picnic served by a cheeky butler in Marbella

In the warm summer months, break out the vintage cake stands and floral teapots for a Pinterest-worthy picnic. Get everyone to pitch in with a pot luck theme where every hen will bring something different to the blanket. Finger sandwiches and homemade cakes make for ideal nibbles while you spend quality time with friends and top up those tans in preparation for the wedding day. Pick the sunniest spot in the park, hang bunting and pictures from trees and get ready to surprise the bride with a beautiful, vintage inspired set-up.

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