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Personal Service to our customers

Unlike other companies, everything we do is totally customised to meet your exact needs. We are able to offer you the flexibility to select which elements of our extensive and tried and tested product range you would like and if someone cannot make a certain element, no problem. All our quotes contain an extremely high level of detail about everything that will be included in your purchase, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

24 hour emergency help line

Should anything happen on your weekend we have dedicated staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help solve the problem.

We only use the very best suppliers and we test them out!!

We only use the very best suppliers in any one area. There are a minefield of suppliers out there all offering similar types of activities and they vary in quality. We refuse point blank to work with suppliers who provide sub-standard quality activities, cannot provide valid insurance documentation, or are just plain miserable gits! There are numerous other companies out there who will simply put you wherever makes them the most money. With us, at the end of the day you get what you pay for!!

About Cheeky Butler Marbella


So why would you want to book with Cheeky Butler Marbella?

Here we five some reasons that you may consider before booking your event in Marbella and explain why over 4000 people will come organize with us events with us.

Girls and Hens love us!

Our Butlers in the buff or Cheeky Butlers are nice and handsome gentleman, that are ready to offer an excellent service to our customers.

Easy to book with us and best price guarantee.

Cheeky Butler Marbella offers a quick answer and taylor made service to its customers in Marbella.

Operation of all events in compliance with pertaining statutory, legal and regulatory requirements.

Administration of client funds with complete financial probity and in accordance with all relevant legal requirements and appropriate best practices.

Adoption of a high level of business ethics in dealings with clients, suppliers and other members.

We do not charge anything for booking amendments

We do not charge for alterations to your booking after it has been confirmed. When organising a group event it is inevitable that you may need some alterations after you have paid a deposit. We understand this and unlike most other companies, we do not charge you for any amendments provided. We are not charged by the supplier.

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